Western University – Anesthesiology – London
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Dr. Anita Cave

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Lori Dengler

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Western University – Anesthesiology – London

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Provincial/Municipal COVID restrictions

Resident Experience

Curtis Van Doormaal
Size, flexibility, case mix, collegiality.
Front loaded call to free up your clinical time later in residency to focus your training to meet your specific needs.
Anesthesia residents don’t often work directly together, nevertheless, we are so excited to see each other at half day, in study groups and outside of work or in the break room. Residents look out for other residents always
Full family(children), moonlighting opportunities, cycling, skiing, cottaging and pool time.
Lots of systems in place, up to you to use them or seek them out where needed. Program director is very supportive and screens for this regularly.
Passing an exam! A new baby! Starting a fellowship!
Size, flexibility, case mix, collegiality.

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