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Virtual Interview Handbook for Programs

Virtual Interview Handbook for Applicants

Canadian Residency Virtual Promotion Guide

Marketing Toolkit for CANPREPP Promotion

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Finding your way around ICAM 2024

Here is the map of the exhibit hall. CanPrePP will be located at the AFMC Pavilion.

Unmatched: What Now?

If you did not match in this year's CaRMS first round, you still have options. We have compiled some resources from various sources to help you through this process.

Are you unmatched?

If you did not match in this year’s CaRMS first round, you still have options. We have compiled some resources to help you through this process.

Information for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

We know it can be overwhelming and confusing to find the information you need and there are a lot of different sites that have great information available to International Medical Graduates (IMGs). We have compiled some of this great information into one spot for you, and we encourage you to


It is important to us that the webtool is accessible — that we present equal opportunity and equity for everyone and anyone that uses CanPrePP.

Residency Interview Preparation

Residency Interviews are coming up soon! We have compiled some resources that you may find helpful.

Certified English and/or French Translators for Medical Students

The AFMC sourced a list of skilled and certified translators for medical students to use as they fulfill their application requirements for residency program applications across Canadian Faculties of Medicine.

The Big Move 4 — I Moved In, Now What?

You’ve unpacked the essentials, what happens now? If you do not already have friends or acquaintances in your new community you may find creating new relationships is a great way to help you settle in. 

The Big Move 3 — Making Things Easier

Moving is hard on everyone — whether it is just you, your spouse, your kids, or even the pets! Here are some ways to make moving easier and hopefully more fun.

The Big Move 2 — The Residency Checklists

We know it can be confusing trying to keep straight all of the things that need to be done before your residency. All 17 faculties of medicine have differing requirements and there are unique provincial requirements but not to worry — we are here to help.

Getting to know you better!

Are you a Canadian Medical Graduate interested in winning prizes and helping CANPREPP serve future students better? You’ve come to the right place. 

The Big Move 1 — The Moving Checklist

What’s your moving style? Budgeting the big move. Finding a place to live. Planning your new space. How are you feeling?

Getting ready for virtual interviews!

As virtual interviews approach, check out these great interview resources from AFMC, CFMS, and the University of Alberta.

Randomized List of Programs

The Program Directory page now randomly sorts the list of program pages for site visitors to browse.

Calendar Button on Each Program Page

Each program page now has a calendar button that directs to a pre-filtered calendar view of events for that faculty.

Populating “Program Information to Come” Pages

Programs are updating their pages as new content becomes available. Check back on pages that previously had “Program information to come”.

Important Dates

Upcoming milestones and deadlines for the R1 Residency Match can be found here.

Over 500 Events Currently Listed on the Calendar

Programs update the calendar as events become available.

Improved Filter Functionality

New filter options are available on the Program Directory page for a more customized browsing experience.

Canadian Residency Virtual Guide

In response to these needs, AFMC has developed the Canadian Residency Virtual Promotion Guide that outlines general guidelines that pertain to virtual program promotion and applicant engagement for the 2021 R1 match cycle.