Unmatched: What Now?

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If you did not match in this year’s CaRMS first round, you still have options. We have compiled some resources from various sources to help you through this process.

First off, are you curious about how the match process actually works? This video by CaRMS breaks the whole thing down.

Wellness & Support

We want to make sure you know that wellness supports are available to you.

The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) offers its members unmatched support including resources such as their Unmatched Peer Support Network, Matchbook, general resources, and a list of student wellness resources. If you are not already a member, now is a great time to join. CFMS recognizes that Match Day is a complex emotional journey, regardless of match status, and they offer students an excellent support system.

After Match Day

Match day is a big step in the process, but it doesn’t end here. If you didn’t match in the first iteration, the second iteration and post match process are what is next:

Second Iteration Match

Starting immediately after 12:00 (noon) ET April 12th (Match Day) you can participate in the second iteration of the match. All positions that were not filled in the first iteration automatically move to the second iteration.


Post Match Process (PMP)

This process allows unmatched applicants to apply to programs that are still considering applications. On May 13th ET the post-match process opens for applicants at 12:00 (noon).


If you want to know more or still have questions, CaRMS breaks down what this whole process looks like here.

Bottom line

There are choices, options, and next steps available to you if you have gone unmatched in the first iteration. Whether you’re preparing for residency registration or the second iteration match, you can browse CANPREPP for all the information you need on the people, the programs, and the places. Let us know in the comments what other resources you are looking for or what resources you have found helpful.

Student Success

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Unmatched: What Now?

If you did not match in this year's CaRMS first round, you still have options. We have compiled some resources from various sources to help you through this process.

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