The Big Move 2 — The Residency Checklists

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We know it can be confusing trying to keep straight all of the things that need to be done before your residency. All 17 faculties of medicine have differing requirements and there are unique provincial requirements but not to worry — we are here to help.

As CANPREPP provides a centralized one-stop shop for information on residency programs in Canada, we are pleased to provide you with easy access to information on the registration process for each of the 17 Medical Schools. Find your Faculty Registration Guides and Links to the Provincial Medical Regulatory Authorities below.

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If you did not match in this year’s CaRMS first round, you still have options. We have compiled some resources to help you through this process.


It is important to us that the webtool is accessible — that we present equal opportunity and equity for everyone and anyone that uses CanPrePP.

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