The Big Move 1 — The Moving Checklist

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Moving Checklists

  1. What’s your moving style?
  2. Budgeting the big move.
  3. Finding a place to live.
  4. Planning your new space.
  5. How are you feeling?

What’s your moving style?

Before you can plan anything, decide how you plan to move. The three main options are:

  1. Full service – movers pack, move, and unpack your goods
  2. “You pack, they ship” – portable storage unit or trailer (ex, PODS)
  3. DIYer – “You pack, you drive” options (ex, Uhaul)


Moving is expensive — whether you do it all yourself or hire a full service mover you are going to be looking at spending a large sum of money. To make it a bit easier to digest, take some time to write down all of the expenses you may incur during your move and go from there. 

Some things to keep in mind? A truck or trailer, moving supplies (e.g., boxes, tape, markers, etc.), babysitters, gas, food, gifts for your helpers. Although there are always surprise expenses, recording everything ahead of time can save you from any big surprises. 

Of course you will also need to budget for the cost of living in your new city. Visit the “Explore Location” section of your program in the CANPREPP program search to learn more.

Finding a Place to Live

Finding the right place to call home can be tough. Whether you are buying or renting, discovering your new city and finding a home that suits you (and your families) needs is important. 

Lucky for you, especially if you are moving a great distance away, virtual tours are now commonplace. Landlords and real estate agents often know the areas well and can help you find something that suits your needs. Alternatively, getting in touch with residents is also a great way to learn more about the areas and opportunities. 

Some things to consider: commute, transportation, safety, schools or child care, nature, activities, and cost of living.

If you don’t find a rental or a house prior to residency, that is ok. It happens! Some residents live in hotels for their first few weeks or even live with co-residents. Whatever your situation, there is always help available to you. Be sure to communicate with your co-residents and placements to get the assistance you need to make this time easier.

Planning Your New Space

Did you finally find the perfect spot? Or even just a space that will do for now? Great!

Before packing your couch, armoire, buffet, or any other big piece of furniture, plan out your living space so you don’t waste money moving anything that might not fit. Getting dimensions of your new space is a helpful way to make sure you are only moving what you need. There are many online room planner tools that can help you get excited about your new space! Like “Plan Your Room”.

How are you feeling?

Taking some time to perform a wellness check. You may find yourself so busy that you have forgotten to check in on how you are feeling about the move. 

Book an appointment with your therapist or counselor — you may not need it but you also may be grateful to have a chance to discuss your feelings about your move. 

Moving means many different things to different people. You may be leaving behind friends and family, or a community you are close with. You may be shaking up daily routines that rely heavily on your favourite coffee shop or walking trails. Take some time to appreciate those things and say your goodbyes, even if it is just a yoga studio or a dog park. 

But most importantly, do what feels right for you!

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