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Program Highlights

  • Andrology
  • EndoUrology
  • Incontinence and Reconstruction
  • Pediatric Urology
  • Transplantation
  • Uro-Oncology



1. MSc Surgery opportunity: In conjunction with the Department of Surgery, the Division of Urology offers a Master of Science in Surgery (in the PGY1 or PGY2 years).  This MSc is tailored to the unique needs of surgical trainees; providing an intensive research experience and a solid foundation for success as an academic surgeon.  The MSc in Surgery is intended to fully prepare individuals specifically seeking future positions in Academic Health Science Centres for the demands of a research career in relation to the CanMeds roles of Medical Expert and Scholar.


2. Simulation opportunities and labs:

  • Annual laparoscopic pig lab / Anatomy Lab
  • Annual robotic training lab at CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics)
  • Simulation training at SJHC (percutaneous nephrolithotomy simulator, endoscopic uromentor)
  • Annual Cadaveric lab to perform prostatectomy, cystectomy, lap nephrectomy and endoscopic procedures
  • Defined schedule for simulation, overseen by Dr Wang during academic half days


3. Grant and conference support:

  • Every resident has a 1250$ travel grant/year
  • Residents who have a paper/abstract at a meeting can apply to 2/3 additional grants of up to $2000
  • There is a Dr Brock travel fellowship for meetings/courses for up to 5000 $ per year
  • Grant opportunities: Dept. of Surgery and Schulich grants for residents up to 5000$/project


4. Robotic training and curriculum:

  • All 3 sites have a robot
  • Only pediatric centre performing robotic surgery in Canada
  • Instituting a robotic curriculum for Urology residents in fall 2021- graded responsibility and program certificate of achieved competency at end of training


5. Exam preparation:

  • Bi-Annual Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE)
  • Weekly Royal College exam preparation sessions


6. Funding:

  • Allocated budget for Campbell’s of Urology textbooks and loupes for each resident
  • Resident Wellness budget 2500$/year
  • Meeting funding for travel and registration for every resident
  • Our current residency program related budget for 2021-22 is 58,000$, it is one of the highest in programs at Western and across the country


7. Social events:

  • Annual Urology Olympics
  • Annual Summer BBQ
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Bi-annual Resident Dinners
  • Monthly Journal Clubs
  • Annual team building/wellness event
  • Allocated budget for resident wellness events


8. Mentorship:

  • Mentorship Program (one on one resident-faculty mentors, senior resident mentors)


9. Wellness initiatives:

  • Elected resident and faculty wellness representatives
  • Defined Wellness budget (2500$), run by the Resident rep
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General Information

Program goals

The objective of the Western University Urology Residency Training Program is to train outstanding clinicians who can provide high level urologic care to patients throughout Canada.  This is accomplished by following and maintaining the educational standards that are outlined for urology training programs by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Urology.  Our goals are to offer a thorough clinical experience that includes all subspecialty areas of urology, with an educational curriculum that is supported by academic faculty that are recognized leaders in the Canadian and international urological communities. We also strive to provide research opportunities for our residents in order to foster a life-long interest in academic pursuits and learning regardless of their eventual practice locale.  In addition, the program provides mentorship to aid our residents in attaining their career goals after residency. All the above goals must be accomplished in an atmosphere of conducive learning, with balancing work-life, and ensuring wellness and maintaining the joy of the learning process. The Urology program at western, has taken and is continually evolving to ensure resident safety and wellness. We have prioritized this initiative and have a gereat institutional support structure in place.


Program Highlights

The Western Urology program ensures:

1.Surgically well trained graduates: Competent, but striving for excellence

2. Mentored to achieve career goals: All accepted into competitive Fellowships or jobs, mentored after leaving program

3. Supportive and safe learning environment: Collegial staff and residents & Wellness committees and events

4. Responsive Program: Ready to make appropriate resident driven changes

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Salary Information

Post graduate salaries and benefits differ by province and are determined by two things: your training year, and the province you work in. See below the salaries and benefits for Western University - Urology - London.
Effective October 4th, 2023 
Professional Leave
7 working days/year
Additional time off provided for writing any CND or US certification exam, leave includes the exam date and reasonable travel time to and from the exam site. Additional RCPSC & CFPC Certification Examination
Prep Time
  1. Subject to operational requirements and at the request of a resident, a resident will not be scheduled for call duties for a period up to fourteen days prior to a CFPC or RCPSC certification exam.
  2. Subject to operational requirements and at the request of a resident, a resident *will be granted up to seven consecutive days off during one of the four week*s preceding a CFPC or RCPSC certification exam.
Annual Vacation
4 weeks
Meal Allowance
Frequency of Calls
1 in 4 In-hospital, 1 in 3 home
Pregnancy Leave
17 weeks
Parental Leave
35 weeks, 37 weeks if resident did not take pregnancy leave
Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan
Top-up to 84% 27 weeks for women who take pregnancy and parental leave; 12 weeks for parents on stand-alone parental leave.
Provincial Health Insurance
Extended Health Insurance
Provincial Dues (% of salary)
Dental Plan
85% paid for eligible expenses
CMPA Dues Paid
Under current arrangements, residents are rebated by Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for dues in excess of $300.
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Yes – 70% of salary, non-taxable.
Statutory and Floating Holidays
2 weeks leave with full pay and benefits;
10 stat days plus 1 personal floater.
Residents are entitled to at least 5 consecutive days off over the Christmas or New Year period, which accounts for 3 statutory holidays (Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day), and 2 weekend days.
Life Insurance
Yes, 2x salary
Salary and Benefit Continuance
A resident that can’t work due to illness or injury will have salary and benefits maintained for 6 months or until end of appointment (whichever occurs first)
Call Stipend
$127.60 in-hospital; $63.80 home call or qualifying shift on shift-based services.
Weekend premium:
$140.36 in-hospital; $70.18 home call or qualifying shift on shift-based services.
Updated October 4, 2023

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