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Paula Nixon

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University of Toronto – Anatomical Pathology – Toronto

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University of Toronto – Anatomical Pathology – Toronto
Susan Armstrong
There are many highlights of the Anatomical Pathology program at the University of Toronto! Here are some of them:•The program is large, so there are many residents to help and support you throughout your training.•We do rotations at multiple institutions, which allows you to see multiple approaches to similar cases; this makes you more adaptable as you go forward into fellowships and beyond.•We get to learn one-on-one from some of the world leaders in various subspecialties in pathology.•Tons of research opportunities both within the department and beyond. Whatever type of research you’re interested, chances are there is someone in the city you can work with who shares your area of interest.•Living in Toronto! There are always lots of things going on and any hobby or interest you have, you can probably find a way to pursue it here!

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