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Program Highlights

  • Our current Regina faculty includes a large group of general pediatricians and neonatologists. Other pediatric physicians include a pediatric developmental specialist, pediatric allergist/immunologist, and two pediatric surgeons; other pediatric programs in Regina include the Allan Blair Cancer Centre and the Wascana Rehabilitation Center for pediatric rehabilitation services. We also have a well-developed child abuse team affiliated with the Regina Children’s Justice Centre. Our pediatric outpatient facility provides consultative care with specialty clinics including child development, surgery, asthma and allergy, nephrology and cystic fibrosis. Other clinics, such as pediatric cardiology, neurology and hematology, are managed by visiting subspecialists from Saskatoon. Furthermore, a pediatric emergency room within the Regina General Hospital is under development.
  • The Pediatric Program maintains a robust academic curriculum paired with the Saskatoon site, which includes:
    • Protected academic half-day
    • Procedural skills and simulation
    • Code Navy events (unit wide simulation)
    • Wellness rounds
    • Journal club and critical appraisal
    • Case rounds, interpretation rounds, and topic rounds
    • Departmental Grand Rounds
    • Practice examinations (STACERs, OSCEs, MCQs and SAQs)
    • Indigenous Health curriculum
    • Teaching Course (TIPS)
    • And much, much more.
  • Resident scholarly projects (research) are well supported through a network of research experts (Division Head of Pediatric Research; Department Research Coordinator; and Resident Research Facilitator). The University of Saskatchewan also provides excellent research supports, and all residents are provided funding to present their research.
  • Resident wellness is an important part of training and is supported through several resident-led and faculty-led initiatives including wellness rounds, ice cream rounds, protected biannual resident retreats, staff/resident events, and other opportunities. Residents are well-supported by their program directors, administrative staff, and a progressive resident contract through the Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan (RDoS).
  • Our program is located in the capital city of Regina. Regina is home to many amazing cultural, athletic, and social experiences including such highlights as: Wascana Park and surrounding area, cultural centers including the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Mackenzie Art Gallery, the home of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders, and much more!
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General Information

  • Our pediatric training program site in Regina commenced in 2019-2020 and is currently comprised of two residents per year. We expect 7-8 total residents by 2022-23. Residents in family medicine, dermatology, and psychiatry are also involved in pediatric rotations as well as 3rd and 4th year medical students from the University of Saskatchewan (Regina site).
  • Our primary site in Regina is the Regina General Hospital, which houses a pediatric inpatient unit, pediatric high acuity unit, NICU, and pediatric ORs as well as a pediatric outpatient space for locally led clinics as well as visiting subspecialty clinics from Saskatoon. Additional sites for clinical experiences in Regina include pediatric outpatient clinics/community pediatric clinics (throughout Regina) and the Wascana Rehabilitation Center (Developmental Pediatrics). Regina trainees also may have the opportunity for rural and remote health experiences including experiences on First Nations reserves.
  • In addition to time spent in and around Regina, rotations in all years will occur in Saskatoon at the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. These primarily include PICU and pediatric subspecialties. Accommodations will be provided as well as reimbursement for program related travel.
  • Our program employs Competence-by-Design training with the use of Elentra® as our information technology platform.
  • For further information including specific information on rotation experiences across the four stages of training, please view our program description on CaRMs.
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Salary Information

Post graduate salaries and benefits differ by province and are determined by two things: your training year, and the province you work in. See below the salaries and benefits for University of Saskatchewan - Pediatrics - Regina.
Gross annual PGY-1 Salary
Gross annual PGY-2 Salary
Gross annual PGY-3 Salary
Gross annual PGY-4 Salary
Gross annual PGY-5 Salary
Gross annual PGY-6 Salary
Educational Leave
Minimum 7 days with pay, 12 Maximum
Annual Vacation
4 weeks
Meal Allowance
Frequency of Calls
1:4 in-house (if in excess of 1:4 paid $196/period from 1700-0800 weekdays and $249 from 0800-0800 weekends)*
1:3 out-of-house
Maternity Leave / Paternity
In conformity with Sask. Labour Standards Act – 17 weeks max maternity leave and up to 35 weeks parental leave.
5 paid days paternity (can split the 35 weeks parental leave with mother as desired.)
Supplemental Maternity Leave Benefits
15 weeks topped to 90% pay when eligible for Employment Insurance
Provincial Health Insurance
Yes, if registered with Sask. Health
Extended Health Insurance
Blue Cross family coverage, if registered with a Provincial Health Plan
CMPA Dues Paid
Dental Plan
Statutory and Floating Holidays
1.5 times pay or 1/2 pay & day off for stats, plus 6 extra paid days off at Christmas
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Paid premium cost for Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
Paid premium, >$100,000 coverage
Sick Leave
1.25 days per month to maximum 75 days
Provincial Dues (% of salary)
Employee Assistance Program
Two programs available through SMA and University of Saskatchewan
On-Call Stipends
Home Light: per duty period: $72 weekday; $83 weekend
In House: per duty period: $166 weekday; $191 weekend
ICU/CCU: per duty period: $166 weekday; $191 weekend

Updated August 24, 2022

*Effective January 1, 2021

Term of Collective Agreement – visit for contract details.

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Water fountain with the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in the background
Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum has exhibits on Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and native animals. It’s in the Wascana Centre, a park surrounding Wascana Lake. Also in the park is the MacKenzie Art Gallery, with local and global artwork. Hands-on displays fill the lakeside Saskatchewan Science Centre. The RCMP Heritage Centre celebrates the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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