University of Saskatchewan – Internal Medicine – Saskatoon
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Dr. Jessie Baptiste

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Janna Ethier

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Samuel Harder
The biggest strengths of the program are its size, the diverse pathology seen, and the acuity level managed. The relatively small size of the program means that we are a tight knit group and we are not in competition with other residents to get procedures or opportunities to manage interesting cases. The program is not so small however, that we are constantly short on residents. This means it is easier to re-arrange call schedules as needed and arrange for much needed vacation time without much difficulty. The pathology in Saskatoon is diverse and fascinating and because we are one of only two major centres in the province if a patient needs tertiary level care they will be admitted to Saskatoon or Regina and you will be involved in the case as a resident. Also, as there are no subspecialty admitting services in Saskatoon other than Cardiology, which means you will have exposure to a broad range of cases while on CTU. Your case load as a junior resident could include GI bleed, infective endocarditis, Tuberculosis, AECOPD and heart failure all on the same day. This kind of diversity makes for fantastic learning and keeps your days interesting and engaging. We are also a group of residents that pride ourselves on learning how to manage acuity well. We frequently manage acutely unwell patients on the ward and the ER being transferred from the periphery for higher level care. We also take part in a one-year curriculum combined with ER, surgery, and anesthesia focused on simulation, vascular access procedures, and basic ultrasound in resuscitation scenarios that quickly hones your resuscitation skills.

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