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Dr. Deanna Quon

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Crystal Adam

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Michael Osmond
4th Year
We have a very supportive program director that responds to our feedback in a timely and effective manner. Feedback is at the forefront of our program, with biannual program reviews with the residents sharing any program or academic concerns with a PM&R staff representative and having them addressed between the program director and other committees subsequently. Our teaching is phenomenal; Dr. Dudek and Dr. Dojeiji are considered internationally renown for medical education and Dr. Dudek was instrumental with the CBME curriculum in Ottawa and implementing it effectively for our own residents over the past 1.5 years. We have fairly a variety of fairly unique teaching opportunities in our program: including annual 2 month anatomy academic half days in the UofO Anatomy Labs, Annual PM&R Emergency Simulation sessions at the UofO Sim Center, U/S and U/S guided injection teaching in the UofO Anatomy Labs and Media training sessions with a professional media team. Finally, we have formative evaluations of our progress in residency with biannual practice written and OSCE exams created by our PM&R staff that attempts to mimic the types of questions and experiences you may have during the Royal College examination.

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