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Program Highlights

The Teaching Experience

First block of Residency is devoted to an introduction to the profession by a rotation called FM Core, which consists of an orientation (e.g. to Alberta Health Services, PGME, and the Department of Family Medicine), core teaching and specific clinical skills (e.g. courses such as ALARM and an Opioid Training Day), and time in Family Medicine home clinics

Resident involvement in ongoing curriculum development and in Program leadership

Safe, supportive, and collaborative learning environments including our well-established home FM clinics

Enthusiastic and consistently highly-rated Preceptors at all of our teaching sites

The opportunity to build and manage your own group of patients longitudinally at home clinics

Weekly academics designed to enhance your learning experience

Patient-Centered Care Labs focused on communication skills and doctor-patient relationships

FM-focused off-service teaching and learning on immersion rotations

A leading edge Resident Assessment Program with a focus on assessment for learning, not just of learning; we are transitioning to an electronic assessment and curriculum platform (FMeCAP)  for residents to track their progress and assessment

CCFP exam preparation sessions with Faculty Leads; includes access to virtual practice SOOs training throughout first and second year, and access to an online SAMP prep program in second year

The opportunity for residents to develop their teaching skills through formal academic lectures devoted to the topic, participation with the undergraduate FM interest group, teaching clerks in FM home clinics and junior clerkship, and available elective opportunities.


The Clinical Experience

2 – 4.5 days a week in your core FM Home Clinic for 6 blocks in the first year and 6 blocks in the second year

Immersion rotations in Palliative Care, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Low Risk, Hospitalist Medicine, Care of the Elderly, MSK, Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Psych Emergency Medicine.

Focused teaching in Urgent Care, Hospice, Community Palliative Care and Home Care in first and second year

Opportunities for longitudinal experiences in Indigenous Health in first year for those interested

Eight weeks in rural settings in Southern Alberta in second year

Four weeks elective time in first year and eight weeks in second year

Scheduled “Plus” weeks during FM blocks designed to provide supplemental learning in specific domains of care (Adult, Child, Mental Health, Addictions)


The Resident Experience

A 4-week FM Core Block at the start of first year, to find your feet in FM Home Clinics and set you up for a successful residency

A Program that is supportive and prioritizes our Residents’ well-being.

We have resident representation on all appropriate Program leadership committees

We have a Wellness Curriculum that teaches residents a basic skill set relating to the maintenance of wellness, and provides half days away from clinical duties to work on these skills

Strong resident leadership opportunities, including numerous positions on our Resident Leadership Committee (RLC)

Up to 8 days Educational leave for conference attendance and research work during residency

The City of Calgary and surrounding areas are your playground during training! Rivers, sunshine, snow (with chinooks which warm things up in the winter), and quick access to Rockies; We are a Program that values a healthy lifestyle and fun!

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General Information

Family Medicine residency training programs began in Canada in 1966 and at the University of Calgary in 1985. Calgary city grads are confident to practice family medicine anywhere in Alberta, nationally, and in the world!

We have a supportive network of teachers, including a cohort of over 1000 clinical preceptors who support learners in the undergraduate and the residency programs. Calgary Family Physicians are vital to our communities and hospitals, and our residents work alongside them learning how to provide the best possible care using the Patient’s Medical Home model and working collaboratively with specialist colleagues. In addition, we have a network of rural family medicine colleagues who influence our residents greatly in elective and the core rural family medicine rotations in the R2 year.

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Salary Information

Post graduate salaries and benefits differ by province and are determined by two things: your training year, and the province you work in. See below the salaries and benefits for University of Calgary - Family Medicine - Calgary.
Pay Level 1
Pay Level 2
Pay Level 3
Pay Level 4
Pay Level 5
Pay Level 6
Pay Level 7
Pay Level 8
Educational Leave
14 days paid leave
Annual Vacation
4 weeks/yr
Call Stipends
Weekday in-house – $118.02
Weekend in-house / holiday – $178.72
Weekday home call – $59.01
Weekend home call / holiday – $89.35
Frequency of Calls
In-house call: 7/28. 2/4 weekend call.
Home call: 9/28. 2/4 weekend call
**A Resident scheduled on Home call but who is required to work more than four hours in hospital during the call period, of which more than one full hour is past 12:00 a.m. and before 6:00 a.m., or more than six (6) hours in hospital during the call period, shall be remunerated at the rate for In-House call.$100 per day for each scheduled weekend day of patient rounds when not on-call
Practice Stipend
Extended Health Insurance
75% premium paid $1000 per year Flexible Spending Account*
Provincial Dues (% of salary)
Dental Plan
75% premium paid
CMPA Dues Paid
Life Insurance
100% towards $150,000 coverage
Life Support Course Costs (Program Approved)
100% paid
Long-Term Disability Insurance
100% paid for 75% gross income
Statutory Holidays
Paid days. Additional days off are given if resident works the day before and part of a named holiday.
Parental Leave
2 weeks leave with full pay and benefits; 52 weeks (inclusive of Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leaves) – unpaid leave
Sick leave
Up to 3 months or to end contract paid leave, whichever occurs first
Maternity Leave
18 weeks total (17 weeks paid to match 90% of salary when combined with EI)

Updated September 9, 2022

Resident Physicians shall advance to the next pay level upon completion of twelve (12) months of service at each level. (PARA Agreement – Article 35)

*Terms of Agreement July 1, 2018 – December 30, 2021

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Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers, owes its rapid growth to its status as the centre of Canada’s oil industry. However, it’s still steeped in the western culture that earned it the nickname “Cowtown,” evident in the Calgary Stampede, its massive July rodeo and festival that grew out of the farming exhibitions once presented here.

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