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Resident Experience

Riley Chen-Mack, Irina Simin
4th year, 1st year
Riley: Our global health electives are a distinguishing feature for residents (ex. South Africa), but there is ample opportunity for residents to gain rural pediatric experience in smaller communities all over BC (ex. Prince George, Terrace, Haida Gwaii), due to elective opportunities and intermittent outreach trips with visiting paediatricians. These rural opportunities have been my favourite part of the program! We also have a robust simulation training program, run by residents and several emergency physicians. Simulation sessions are held during academic half days, weekly during CTU blocks, and are often spontaneously organized by our ICU staff and fellows (especially if there are quieter days on the ward!). Finally, I would emphasize our resident body as the biggest highlight of our program – they have created a supportive and collegial atmosphere right from day one of my residency. Irina: People always say ‘the people’.. but genuinely that’s essential! From the co-residents, to our leaders and admin staff, to our preceptors and allied healthcare staff – ‘the people’ here are awesome. The program is receptive to feedback and work towards continuing to improve our experience. They are non-punitive and want their residents to succeed. I loved UBC Pediatrics’ approach to Social Pediatrics and global medicine. Social pediatrics is valued and prioritized, with plenty of opportunities to get involved in outreach should you choose. Further from home, there are international elective opportunities available including Paarl, South Africa! This program is based in Vancouver! One of the most beautiful cities in Canada.

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