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CaRMS - UBC Medical Oncology

Program Highlights

The UBC RCPSC-EM Residency Program is one of the largest Emergency Medicine residency programs in Canada.


Our program consists of 4 unique program sites based in different regions throughout the province of British Columbia (Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Interior, and Fraser). As a large provincial program, we have access to a significant amount of resources, faculty, and clinical experiences across British Columbia. Residents are able to arrange rotations at any of our program sites and beyond (including Vancouver General Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Kelowna General Hospital, Royal Jubilee Hospital, BC Women and Children’s Hospital) – each with different practice styles and unique patient populations.

Support & Community:

No matter your interests, we are a diverse, flexible, and supportive group that is dedicated to your personal and professional growth. Regardless of age, background or interests, once you match here, you become part of our family.


UBC recognizes our duty to commit to principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. We are committed to furthering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in our CaRMS selection process and our UBC Emergency Medicine program. We encourage applicants with lived experience of discrimination and from underrepresented groups in medicine, such as but not limited to, Black and Indigenous students, to apply to our program. We have a faculty & resident working group committed to implementing and improving EDI principles throughout our residency program and hospitals.


Each resident is assigned an academic coach that meets regularly and works longitudinally on shift with you to improve all aspects of clinical and academic performance. Furthermore, for each block of emergency medicine, residents are assigned a preceptor for multiple shifts.  Residents receive a diversity of feedback that incorporates learning over both the block and in a more longitudinal fashion. Residents are also paired with mentors in R2 that work to develop a partnership focused on both clinical, career, and life goals.


UBC takes pride in our comprehensive simulation program. Residents regularly take part in monthly simulation sessions as well as in-situ simulation sessions while on service led by trained staff with extensive simulation backgrounds. Our program also hosts annual procedure days and disaster simulation days to provide a comprehensive simulation experience and learn high-acuity, low opportunity procedures such as cricothyroidotomies, lateral canthotomies and thoracotomies. As a senior resident, a simulation elective is a great way to get involved with teaching, debriefing, and writing sim cases. We also offer a new area of focused competency in simulation .


Each year, our R1s have a full block of ultrasound with teaching from ultrasound fellowship trained staff, ultrasound fellows, or senior residents. This block is dedicated to learning basic ultrasound exams with a high degree of clinical utility. In senior years, residents have the opportunity to do a senior ultrasound block, echocardiogram elective, or an ultrasound fellowship.


UBC has a strong history of producing high-quality, evidence-based research. Our residents all take part as juniors in a month-long course unique to UBC that teaches them the basis of research and how to design a conduct their own research study. Our residents also participate in monthly journal club sessions, under the guidance of staff, to critically appraise peer-reviewed journal articles.


As R2s, our residents all take part in a pre-hospital/EMS rotation, designed to give a comprehensive perspective of emergency medicine. Our residents have lectures from EMS and transport fellows, combined with a mixture of ride-along and clinical shifts to integrate knowledge.

International electives:

Our residents regularly work around the globe. From toxicology rotations in New York or Portland, wilderness medicine in Wyoming, trauma in South Africa, or global health electives, our program is designed to be flexible and accommodating in order to best serve our residents’ learning goals.

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General Information

The Locations:

It’s no secret that BC is a beautiful province. Whether you are based in Victoria, Kelowna, New Westminster or Vancouver, you’ll be set amongst a stunning scenic backdrop; you will be amazed at the opportunities for you to choose your own adventures during your weekends/weekdays off.

The People:

Our resident group is social and they get the most out of what the program offers by being very engaged in their own learning. No matter your interests, we are a diverse, flexible, and supportive group that is dedicated to personal and professional growth.


We ask each candidate applying to the UBC Program to apply to each of the distributed Programs separately. The applications may be very similar, but as each of the four sites will be ranking candidates individually, we ask that each site also receives a complete application, including a personal letter — thank you!

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Salary Information

Post graduate salaries and benefits differ by province and are determined by two things: your training year, and the province you work in. See below the salaries and benefits for University of British Columbia - Emergency Medicine - Vancouver.
British Columbia
Gross Annual PGY-1 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-2 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-3 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-4 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-5 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-6 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-7 Salary
Educational Leave
Annual Vacation
4 weeks
Meal Allowance
Frequency of Calls
1 in 4 onsite/1 in 3 offsite
Maternity Leave
17 weeks, plus up to 78 weeks Parental Leave
Provincial Health Insurance
100% Premiums Paid
Provincial Dues (% of salary)
Extended Health Insurance
100% Premiums Paid
CMPA Dues Paid
Yes, mandatory
Dental Plan
100% Premiums Paid
Statutory Holidays
2x pay plus extra day with pay
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Yes 100% Premiums Paid
Sick Leave
Life Insurance
100% Premiums Paid
Updated July 25, 2023

Terms of Agreement April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022
Resident Doctors of BC website

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Vancouver cityscape
Vancouver (/vænˈkuːvər/ (listen) van-KOO-vər) is a major city in western Canada, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. As the most populous city in the province, the 2021 Canadian census recorded 662,248 people in the city, up from 631,486 in 2016. The Greater Vancouver area had a population of 2.6 million in 2021, making it the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada.

Resident Experience

Kiran Rikhraj
The most unique aspect of the UBC RCPSC-EM Residency Program is the flexibility! No where else in Canada can you practice Emergency Medicine at 4 different sites under 1 program. Whether you match to the Vancouver, Fraser, Interior or Island program, you are still part of one big UBC family and have the ability to easily arrange rotations at any site. This gives you the ability to experience different practice styles, care for unique patient populations and carve out your own niche. Our faculty and leadership are extremely receptive and responsive to resident feedback. They are always trying to make things better for us and we all feel that our voices are heard. Finally, we have an incredible diversity of expertise within our faculty and there is so much support for resident interests. No matter what you want to do within Emergency Medicine one day, you will be able to find the mentorship, support and help you need here at UBC.

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