University of Alberta – Ophthalmology – Edmonton
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Dr. Carlos Solarte

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Devra Samay

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University of Alberta – Ophthalmology – Edmonton

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Natalie Arnold, Tony Chae and Gurkaran Sarohia
These 3 highlights were the reason UofA appealed to me and being part of the program has cemented that it was one of the best Ophthalmology programs in the country. 1. People: Working at the eye clinic, I soon realized that all staff and residents show a dedication to teach and are very collegial. There is a high emphasis on resident learning where the staff will make sure that every case is reviewed and the concepts are synthesized before moving to the next case. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like a quiz session but rather they are so supportive and teach each case. It really shows that they want to be there to teach us. 2. Facilities: The clinic is newly renovated and is absolutely beautiful with an indoor garden right outside and an outdoor garden 2 mins walk. Also, there is a cafeteria just a few stairs down as well. All this combined with state of the art lab (6 microscopes) for practice make the facilities a huge draw to the program. 3. Training: Edmonton covers a large area including northern alberta, north eastern BC and some of the territories. This means that there is a lot of pathology that walks through the doors. Within the first week of being at the clinic, there were over 4 globe ruptures that came in. Further, there is also excellent support staff present which help with screening ensuring that the residents can focus on coming up with approaches to pathologies. One huge point is that starting on, these support staff are excellent resources especially when learning about ultrasound techniques, orthoptic techniques etc.

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