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Dr. Eunice Chow

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Anna Johnson

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University of Alberta – Dermatology – Edmonton

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University of Alberta – Dermatology – Edmonton
Airiss Chan
U of A’s Dermatology Program has an amazing variety of medical and surgical dermatology cases, with expert staff in medical dermatology, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, melanoma, and Mohs surgery, among many other things. In addition to this, our staff are highly dedicated to teaching, whether it’s teaching around cases in clinic and directing us to quality resources to help focus our studying, or about something else that a resident may be interested in. Collaboration is a must in our program – we work with other specialties to have regular multidisciplinary clinics like the Dermatology-Rheumatology Clinic, Dermatology-Hematology Clinic and Dermatology-Psychiatry/Skin Health Clinic. The residents themselves are very friendly and encouraging of one another – we are very social, but also collegial and love to share our knowledge with one another!

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