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Program Highlights

  • Moderately-sized program
  • No subspecialty residents; therefore, giving our residents early transition to independence
  • Excellent faculty-to-resident ratio which facilitates individualized learning and enhanced opportunities for observation and feedback
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General Information

  • Our main training site is the Janeway Children’s Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, located in St. John’s, one of the oldest cities in North America
  • We have amazing access to outdoor activities from hiking and biking, to iceberg and whale watching
  • Newfoundland and Labrador is acknowledged for its hospitality and warm culture which we have fostered in our collegial resident and faculty community
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Salary Information

Post graduate salaries and benefits differ by province and are determined by two things: your training year, and the province you work in. See below the salaries and benefits for Memorial University of Newfoundland - Pediatrics - St. John's.
Newfoundland and Labrador
Gross Annual PGY-1 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-2 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-3 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-4 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-5 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-6 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-7 Salary
Annual Vacation
4 weeks/year
Statutory Holidays
1-1/2x pay or paid day off
Conference Leave
7 days/pd
Frequency of Calls
Excess in-hospital call > 7/28 weekday – $225, weekend – $360; Call stipend – $115 Home call > 7/21 – $75; Call stipend – $57.50
100% reimbursement
Provincial Health Insurance
Contact Medical Care Plan 1-866-449-4459
Extended Health Insurance
Mandatory medical, basic life and AD&D
Cost of examination reimbursed upon successful completion while a PARNL member
Maternity/Paternity Leave
Up to One year
Additional Optional Benefits
100% employee paid
Parking Fees
Sick leave
1 day per month
Resident Student
Full-time status
Meal Allowance
$105 per month
Updated August 3, 2023

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Explore Location

View of the city in the St. John's harbour
St. John's
St. John’s, a city on Newfoundland island off Canada’s Atlantic coast, is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador province. Its harbour was settled by the British in the 1600s. Downtown is known for its colourful row houses. Rich and colourful, rugged and refined, St. John’s is the creative capital, and the beating cultural heart of the province. Woven into our history and tradition is a new wave of art, architecture, music, and cuisine all waiting for you to discover.

Resident Experience

Claire Wallace
Early independence in managing patients on call.Early exposure and independence in NICU, PICU, and running pediatric codes.Graduated autonomy for senior residents, including a junior attending role for PGY4 residents.Supportive, approachable, and very knowledgeable staff.Emphasis on resident wellness. The program is very supportive of resident wellness initiatives.Excellent high fidelity simulation program.Finally, the program is very receptive to resident feedback and new ideas. There have been a number of changes to our program in the last few years, including this year, that were driven by resident feedback and thoroughly supported by the program director, administrators, and staff.

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