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Faculty of Medicine — Discipline of Radiology

Our residents have abundant access to the clinical teaching load and receive early hands-on experience to radiologic procedures. The average patient load depends on rotation.

There is a wide variety of pathology, with absolutely no shortage of cases. There are two mandatory out of town rotations. The first rotation is a 4 week course at the American Institute of Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) located in Silver Springs, Maryland, USA, during the PGY 4 year. There is some funding allocated to this course.

The second out of town rotation is a rural radiology rotation which takes place at Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook, NL, and again takes place during the residents’ PGY 4 year. Travel expenses for this rotation are reimbursed to the resident. There is also the possibility that a PGY 1 rotation in Obstetrics may occur in Grand Falls Windsor, Newfoundland. Rotations may be available in New Brunswick throughout the program. Such requests will have to be approved by the program, as with any rotation.

There is ample resident evaluation. This allows multiple opportunities for the resident to gauge their learning and concentrate on areas to improve. This includes daily card submission contributing to monthly rotation evaluations by staff. There are monthly end rotation examinations for most rotations, and some rotations also have practice exam questions. There are annual ACR examination; biannual Oral/OSCEs; (delivered in a Royal College style format). PGY 5 residents are given individual mock oral exams to help prepare for the Royal College exams.

Memorial Radiology is proud to incorporate simulation learning into the teaching curriculum. Currently, we have a variety of in-situ learning as well as simulation labs that are held in the state of the art Clinical Learning and Simulation Center in Memorial’s Medical School. These Diagnostic SIMagingTM labs cover a variety of topics from procedural skills, interpretation skills, communication skills as well as the management of uncommon but potentially life-threatening events one may encounter in the radiology department.

Our residents experience early hands-on radiology with close one-on-one supervision. Our former residents are now practicing in every region of the country. Our program is a relatively small one allowing for a friendly atmosphere among faculty, staff and residents. It is also a very strong program with a good balance of academic pursuits and social activities. We believe we offer an excellent residency training program in diagnostic radiology.

There is also the possibility that a PGY 1 rotation in Obstetrics may occur in Grand Falls, Windsor, Newfoundland or Clarenville, Newfoundland.

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Salary Information

Post graduate salaries and benefits differ by province and are determined by two things: your training year, and the province you work in. See below the salaries and benefits for Memorial University of Newfoundland - Diagnostic Radiology - St. John's.
Newfoundland and Labrador
Gross Annual PGY-1 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-2 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-3 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-4 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-5 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-6 Salary
Gross Annual PGY-7 Salary
Annual Vacation
4 weeks/year
Statutory Holidays
1-1/2x pay or paid day off
Conference Leave
7 days/pd
Frequency of Calls
Excess in-hospital call > 7/28 weekday – $225, weekend – $360; Call stipend – $115 Home call > 7/21 – $75; Call stipend – $57.50
100% reimbursement
Provincial Health Insurance
Contact Medical Care Plan 1-866-449-4459
Extended Health Insurance
Mandatory medical, basic life and AD&D
Cost of examination reimbursed upon successful completion while a PARNL member
Maternity/Paternity Leave
Up to One year
Additional Optional Benefits
100% employee paid
Parking Fees
Sick leave
1 day per month
Resident Student
Full-time status
Meal Allowance
$105 per month
Updated August 3, 2023

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View of the city in the St. John's harbour
St. John's
St. John’s, a city on Newfoundland island off Canada’s Atlantic coast, is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador province. Its harbour was settled by the British in the 1600s. Downtown is known for its colourful row houses. Rich and colourful, rugged and refined, St. John’s is the creative capital, and the beating cultural heart of the province. Woven into our history and tradition is a new wave of art, architecture, music, and cuisine all waiting for you to discover.

Resident Experience

Melissa Walsh
Collegiality between residents and staff, ability to get to know staff (and vice versa) due to our small program size, the ability to do as many procedures as you want due to the absence of fellows, and the friendliness of allied health staff (nurses, technologists, etc.) as well as the patient population (Newfoundlanders and Labradorians)