McMaster University – Pediatrics – Hamilton
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Dr. Andrea Hunter

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Jessica Dragusica

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McMaster University – Pediatrics – Hamilton

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a.The people – co-residents, staff, program administrative staff and program leadership – very approachable and understanding team that truly works with us to facilitate our success b.Program size – robust program with diversity of experiences, but cohesive enough to have access to research and mentorship opportunities, create niche areas of interest and academic exploration c.Call model – night float model allows residents to not miss significant learning experiences on subspecialty rotations; dedicated float weeks promotes resident wellness overall instead of managing a call burden throughout each rotation of the year; built-in transition to senior resident curriculum that helps prepare junior learners for the added roles and responsibilities d.Responsiveness to resident feedback – several channels for residents to be involved in directing the future direction of the program, including resident council, chief resident role, education resource persons for each rotation, etc. e.Diversity and inclusion committee work – in response to resident feedback and need identified, committee started with branches in community advocacy, collaboration and education to help promote inclusivity principles within McMaster Pediatrics

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